Lux in Fabula is a science installation, integrated with both light and sound arts. Through three interconnected installations designed by Lunden Architecture , the aim is to understand the individual and collective change in this period of fundamental uncertainty. The project applies co-management principles with a core team of experts from various backgrounds. The first version of installation will be built in Finland, to Savonlinna, during summer 2024. The project material and research is supported by Walther Ahlström foundation.

The philosophy

The piece aims to enable an esthetically engaging and pleasantly surprising experience that can benefit the individual and the society. By applying art in science, we wish to develop novel methodologies and open a scholarly discussion on applying artistic means in social sciences. For this, the project is positioned to act as a bridge between the communities, where the aim is to empower the scientists to explore arts and brings artists closer to scientists.

Sustainable material

The material for the structure is recycled industrial-sized cardboard tubes. The different sized tube diameters measure between 8 and 14 inches, approximately one inch thick, lengths wary. The tubes are cut into elements with CNC machines, with cuts for interlocking. Installation is fully powered with solar energy.

The project will soon have its own website. The project is voluntarism driven, feel free to send a message if this interests you.



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