The below article is published (in Finnish) in the academic journal of Future. The color pictures presented below are discussed in the article as a way of using AI as collaborative team member for Lux in Fabula project visualization. The AI tool is Deep Dream.


The penetrating presence of artificial intelligence (AI) in all areas of society is a megatrend, which arrives with a significant impact on artistic work and arts in general. This article discusses the possible changes in the artist’s work by highlighting the conceptual contradictions between art and AI, focusing in particular on the question of who is the artist. When discussing the future ways of working, the article highlights the theme of participatory art, which opens a venue to discuss the possible societal impact of including AI in the artistic works. By presenting the argument that contemporary AI is a myth, the article brings forward machine realism as a novel opening – a concept to equalize and humanize the AI debate that, currently, still follows the machine-centered logic of surveillance capitalism. In the artistically experimental article, the topic is reflected on using the commentary from Finnish sound artists and an example of visualizing a research project with AI.

Keywords: artificial intelligence, AI, art, future, participatory art, dystopia, realism

Below is the original draft of the installation and three version Deep Dream AI created roughly in 30 seconds each.

Below are two works from artist Trevor Paglen that form the base of the concept of Machine Realism, to which this article presents a new component – equality. You can find more about Adversarially Evolved Hallucinations from

Below is a picture from the article where the skills and current trend of auctioning AI works is discussed. You can find more Portrait of Edmond Belamy” (2018) from

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